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Hand-made Take-down Frame Saw

Hand-made Take-down Frame Saw
Item# FrameSaw
Regular price: $65.00
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Product Description

Hand-made Take-down Frame Saw

NEW!!! Hand-made Take-down Frame Saws!


  • Often called bow, frame, or buck saws.
  • Top quality hand-made in USA
  • Very sturdy - does not wiggle when assembled.
  • Comes apart and reassembles easily with 4 pins to allow for easy carrying in your pack or bag.
  • Great for camping, hiking, hunting, bushcraft, and survival gear.
  • Fits nicely in the sturdy waxed canvas bag so it does not take up much room.
  • Overall size when assembled: approximately 24" x 13"
  • Weight including canvas bag and PVC-pipe protector for blade: approximately 2# 13oz.
  • Made of strong hickory. Waxed for added protection.
  • Off-set handle design (on the outside of the frame) for improved efficiency when sawing (see description below). Cut more wood more quickly and with less effort.
  • Bahco (Sandvik) 21" dry wood saw blade
  • Paracord and wood winder-bar

Within the continental USA, this saw should cost $8-18 to ship depending on how close you are to Michigan. If you try to check-out and it shows an abnormally high shipping cost, please do NOT use the check out. Email us and we will send you a paypal invoice with the correct shipping cost. We are working to resolve this issue. Thank you.

Check out our YouTube video to see our saw in action.

Why should you buy our frame saw instead of a competitor's saw? We have put considerable time/work into researching and designing our saw. It may look similar to other saws but our frame saw is superior in many ways.

We use quality hickory wood for its strength, durability, and beauty. We also hand-wax each saw to make it even longer-lasting.

We use only Bahco (Sandvik) saw blades because they are the best available for this style saw. Yes, they cost us more money than the cheaper alternatives but we believe the better quality is well worth it. We use Bahco's "dry wood" or seasoned wood blades because they are most useful for camping-type applications.

Instead of a threaded bar (and wing nuts) at the top of the saw, we use paracord and a wooden winder bar. Our saw does NOT require any tools for assembly/disassembly and has no wing-nuts to lose out in the forest. Also, the paracord could be used for other things in an emergency/survival situation.

We offer a unique handle for our frame saw. It is much more difficult for us to build this style than a saw with the handle as part of the frame but we feel the extra work is worth it to provide our customers with a superior product. Our handle gets your hand out of the inside of the saw where you could bang your fingers if you go too far on the sawing stroke. If your hand is inside the frame, you have to shorten the sawing stroke to avoid banged-up fingers. Our saw moves your hand safely outside the frame which not only improved safety, but allows you to use the full length of the blade with each sawing stroke. (This is extremely important with these smaller, back-pack-sized saws where every inch of the saw stroke matters.) This means you will make fewer strokes to cut the same amount of wood. Historically, frame saws were made with the hand held either above or below the blade. Our handle design also allows your hand to line-up with the blade and equalizes pressure down the blade. This puts your forward AND backward pressure along the center of the blade to help eliminate binding. This helps decrease your frustration and work effort for sawing wood. Why not use a saw that allows you to cut more wood and do it more easily? Why not work smarter, not harder?

Whether you are an experienced woodsman or just starting out on your outdoor adventures, you will appreciate the quality of our saws. We want you to success in your endeavors and have fun doing it but providing you with the quality tools you need!

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