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Leather sheath for Cold Steel Frontier Hawk tomahawk

Leather sheath for Cold Steel Frontier Hawk tomahawk
Item# CSFStd
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Product Description

This thick, quality leather sheath was made specifically to fit the Cold Steel Frontier tomahawk axe. The tomahawk itself is NOT included in this listing. It is pictured only to show how well the sheath fits. The 8 oz leather was cut, glued, stitched with heavy duty bonded nylon thread, dyed (stained), and given a protective finish all by hand. It fits the Frontier hawk like a glove. Extra wide welt is secured with a double row of hand stitching. A heavy duty line 24 snap is used for closure. The back side of the snap is secured against the welt, not against your blade. This requires more leather, but we feel it is worth it so you don't have to worry about the metal snap back marring your blade finish. This sheath is durable and built to last.

 Cold Steel Frontier hawk leather sheath  Cold Steel Frontier hawk leather sheath

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